Random Th0ught while Travel with Thought on Travel.com

Traveling is a wonderful hobby of millions of people around the globe. This also provides various benefits to people. That’s why traveling is considered as important. The ability to move around from one place to the other place is the experience that one can ever have. All humans and animals have been secured with this unique ability, but humans are always a step forward from everyone. We humans being, have an extraordinary ability of seeing, experiencing, and learning from it, and this is the activity that makes our traveling more satisfying and experiencing.

Traveling makes lifelong fun-loving memories. Whether a person travels solo or along with family and friends, the experience certainly gives him/her enjoying and unforgettable stories, which he/she can usually share with people when they come back to home. A good long holiday with beloved ones allows him/her to spend quality time with them, that in turn, benefits to renovate and refreshing relationships and makes strong one-to-one and also the family bonds.

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Traveling far away from home and spending time with near and dear one(s) can bring the relationship to an entirely new freshness and possibly, people may begin to understand each other in a better way.

Reasons why you should go for road trips

  • Flexible Schedule
  • Pack more
  • Save on money
  • Travelling will be fun
  • Appreciation of life

Prepare for the unexpected keeping before you head out on a road trip, these items on board:

  • Smart phone with car charger.
  • First aid tool box.
  • Jumper cables.
  • Candles and matches.

Some random thoughts

Some random thoughts

  1. I have made a big mistake – Sometimes, we may look at things and feel that we have made a big mistake. This kind of thought and feeling comes to our mind, when we feel things going out of control.
  2. Why should I came – This type of thought arises when one feels uncomfortable either he cannot get enough sleep or proper food while traveling.
  3. What have been doing with my life – Travelling can sometimes help you to recheck on your life. It may force you to rethink all the decisions that you have been taking for these long.
  4. I am Lost – This is a very unique type of thought experience that one can experience while traveling because only lost can be found.
  5. O Crap – This thought arises when one has done something very stupid like misplacing passport etc.
  6. People are Amazing – one of the best experiences that one has while traveling through road is meeting with new people with new thoughts and the new behavior.

When someone kind-hearted is met we feel in this way.

  1. People are awful- This is also a great experience that helps us to understand that not all people are good there are some bad people also.
  2. Wow – This is an experience that nearly all the people came across. This thought comes when one feels top of the world & everything goes smoothly. “Life at its Best”.
  3. They have it so much better than mine – we meet various people when we travel alone. We see things and some time we regret that why I cannot have the life like them.
  4. I never want to go home – If you love traveling and love experiencing new people, new places and new cuisines, etc. Then definitely you are going to cheerios your travel.

Apart from this, some other thoughts come into our mind

  • Where I should go from here?
  • World is scary and Horrible place
  • Practice of Stillness
  • Take your news
  • Enjoy your holiday
  • Find a good place to hide
  • Not everything will be gone as planned
  • This is not your home
  • A little local language can go for a long way
  • Go where you want to go
  • Find the hidden gems at the places you visit
  • Don’t Cram too much’
  • Get out of town
  • Buy locals
  • Enjoy The Cuisine

If you have never come across while travelling then you need to travel more to enjoy your life.

Travelling is an addiction and just like any other thing addiction it is hard to get out of this as one goes in it. A traveller is always ready for experiencing new challenges and situations in life.

We at Thought On Travel also believe that life has always something to teach us for which travelling is only the medium. Apart from whether you are a first-time traveler or someone who has to go miles than they can count, whereas, the art of traveling requires certain acts of mindfulness. It doesn’t matter if you are a solo traveler, a packaged-tour-lover or a weekend adventurer to a far-off places, the most important thing is to keep some basic things in mind when you travel from one country to another country.