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Hi beautiful Mom’s out there, how’s life treating you during this COVID-19 lockdown, must be crazy with all cleaning, cooking, taking care of family all alone. This is a phase, we should cherish this and enjoy it too, it will pass soon. In this I attached a link which will tell you 15 Facts about Coronavirus covid-19

Before we go further you should know how to save your self and family from corona

15 Facts about Coronavirus covid-19

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Indeed work from home

Well, I am a mother of 2 years old and my company has approved our work from home setup way before lockdown started. 

I usually enjoy my work from home as with this you can skip hectic travelling, which is usually 1 to 2 hours, yes you read it right because I stay in Delhi.

Does work from home with a baby makes you a bad mother, I often ask this question to myself and sometimes become cautious too but I getadullay realised that this is ctually making me strong to handle any situation

 I am a project manager in very reputed IT Firm and my normal day involves client meetings, you must be thinking then how am I managing my work with a baby.

This is not the first time I am working from home, my role allows me to work from remote locations too. But this time this is different- this is a lockdown, no maids, no-cook, all housework all alone.

My husband is with an automobile firm and they have very frequent con calls and have many metrics to share with leadership on a daily basis, and thus he can’t help me too to handle baby and household chores.

Somedays ago I was watching random videos on YouTube and thought of making a tent for my baby at home, I quickly make one with bedsheets and cushions. I kept all his soft toys, cars, blocks and whatnot.

This makes him very happy as he got his place too, and start playing there with just my absence in the room. He let me work on laptop while he is playing too. Sometimes I need to wake up late nights to complete my office tasks to keep up the deadlines.

If you succeed in keeping your baby engaged, you can easily work. I have analyzed my baby activities and what works best to engage him

Baby DJ
kids playing during Corona work from home

A spray bottle with bottle + Water + Small Towel = 1 hour of his entertainment and all clean table and doors 

Toys+ Songs/Rhymes = his entertainment and you are free to work
So don’t panic or blame yourself if you are not able to work or give time to your baby, analyze his activities and try to engage him

This lockdown situation is more difficult for kids, we adults are mature enough to understand the situation of staying at home, but kids want to play outside.

Before this crisis, we usually make him to play in the park after we come back from office and sometimes after dinner too while we walk with him inside the apartment premises.

Now after lockdown, since we are not following his daily routine of playing in the park, he has started showing up strange behavior changes. He gets angry frequently and starts throwing things in anger, he makes us wear shoes at night and ask us to go outside.

This makes us feel very bad, we try to play with him in the balcony so that he doesn’t get frustrated.

My kid just loves running and dancing, we play music and dance with him every evening to make him happy, we run with him inside the house to keep him happy. 

how to work from home with a baby

Work from home suggestions with hygiene:-

  1. Try to wake up early, and try to cook breakfast and lunch preparation before your husband and baby wake up.
  2. Try to clean your house before your kid wakes up
  3. Open your laptop and check/acknowledge all your emails. Plan your day and keep your supervisor posted of your work items with deadlines.
  4. Try to be with your baby after he wakes up for some time and then tries to engage him with toys or some activities.
  5. Make a schedule for him like in daycare or in school. It will be easy for him to continue whenever he will be back in his usual life after lockdown.
  6. Try to keep a baby room or part of your house look like daycare or baby place or baby tent for him to enjoy games, toys. Change is a must after days to keep him engaged and no boredom.
  7. Use digitization, make video calls with family and friends and try to make your baby a part of all those calls.
  8. This is indeed a different situation for kids, it is normal for them to behave strange, throwing tantrums. Try to understand them and make them comfortable. If they don’t want to eat a regular meal try to break the food schedule and offer some different snacks. Keep them hydrated.
  9. Make activities for them for their mental development so that they can achieve every milestone of their age group.
  10. Play with them, play music and let them enjoy.
  11. Use Dettol to wash the clothes even if you are staying home.
  12. Make your baby wash hands regularly.
  13. It is ok to work late after your kid sleeps if your work profile allows you to do so.
  14. Although superstores with essential items and chemist shops are open it is always good to keep stock for baby food and medicines ( paracetamol, cold and cough and any vitamin you are already giving to him).
  15. Try to be in connect with your Pediatrician over calls and chat for your baby milestone or for any emergency, avoid clinics and hospitals if you can at this COVid time.
  16. Talk to your partner or family about the problem you are facing while a managing baby with work, take advice from them. It is ok to talk about the problems it won’t make you weak, no one will judge you.

No mom is perfect, but moms are strong. It is ok to feel emotional sometimes as you won’t be able to grab ME time. Try to write down your experience on paper and trust me you will feel better.

#strongmotherhood#staytogether let’s keep this alive by staying together at this crisis time, we will pass this phase too.

Stay Safe and try to help needy people but maintain social distancing.

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